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The birth weight doubles by age 5 to 6 months True or False True
The anterior fontanel closes between 12 to 18 months True or False True
Solid foods can be incompletely broken down in the feces which is a sign of immature GI tract. True or False True
The posterior fontanel is usually closed by 8 weeks
At what age can infants sit steadily unsupported? 8 months
What fine motor task can a 7 month old do? Transfer objects from one hand to to the other and bang cubes on a table
At what age should the nurse expect an infant to be able to pull to a standing position? 11 to 12 months
According to Piaget, the 6 month old infant is in what stage? Secondary circular reactions
What is object permanence? Baby Actively searches for a hidden object.
The first rattle should be given at what age? 4 months
What is the appropriate play activity for a 7 months? Playing peek-a-boo
What is the best play activity to promote tactile stimulation in a 6 month old? Allow the child to splash in the tube
At what age should the nurse expect an infant to begin smiling in response to pleasurable stimuli? 2 months
At what age does an infant start to recognize familiar faces and objects(bottle, rattle) 3 months
At what age does the lower central incisor erupt? 6 months
What is important to consider when selecting a day care facility? the facilities health care practices
What characteristic best describes the gross motor skills of a 24 month old child Walks up and down stairs and runs with a wide stance.
What helps motivate a toddler to use the toilet? Wanting to please the parents
Where should a child's language development be at age 18 months? The child would have an increase level of comprehension
give an example of animism. Scolding the stairs
What is the best description of a toddler's cognitive development? Out of sight is not out of mind
What technique is best for dealing with the negativism of a toddler? Offer the child choices
HA parent should reduce the opportunity for a toddler to say "no" to deal with negativism. True or False True
What should a parent do if a child is having a temper tantrum? Remain close to the child without eye contact
When would expect a child to give both his first and last name? 30 months
Toddlers are not capable of building a tower of blocks . True or False FALSE
What is the leading cause of death during the toddler period? Injuries
What is the most effective way to clean a toddler's teeth? Stabilize the chin with one hand and brush with the other
Developmentally Can 12 month eat the same food as the family? Yes
Give an example of ritualism. A toddler wants to use the same plate and cup at meals.
When can car seats be safely switched to the forward-facing position when the child reaches what age? 2
Why are peanuts not a good snack for toddlers? They are easily aspirated
Families with young children should lock all medicines securely from the reach of children. True or False True
The most fatal type of burn in the toddler is? Flame burn from playing with matches
What is the most common initial reaction of parents to illness or injury and hospitalization in their child? Disbelief
Do siblings of a sick child experience stress? Yes, experience stress equal to the hospitalized child. also, they may be jealous and resentful and guilty
What is a an appropriate nursing intervention to decrease separation anxiety in a hospitalized young child? rooming-in
Crying is NOT a appropriate behavior for an upset preschooler. True or False fALSE
Does a school age child need control of his/her environment in the hospital, True, the child and family need to be oriented to the child's hospital environment. it involves esplaining scheduled such as mealtimes.
Do preschoolers fear that their "insides may leak out"? True
Children should participate in their care to maintain a sense of control. True or False True
should you take a child's blood pressure reading in the playroom? No , Play room is a safe haven for children
Regression is expected and normal for all age groups when hospitalized. True
Should parents bring a favorite items from Home to be with the child? Yes,young children associate inanimate objects with people who are significant in their lives?
This theory addresses family change over time using Duval's family life cycle? developmental theory
Name three types of parental control? Authoritarian , Permissive, or authoritative(democratic)
The impact of divorce on a child depends on ? Child's age, the outcomes and quality of the parent-child relationship and parenteral care after divorce.
This is the placement in an approved living situation away from the family of origin foster care
With this style of control the parents try to control their child's behavior and attitudes through unquestioned mandates authoritarian
In this style , parents exert little control over their children's action permissive or laissez-faire
list some of the significant effects that the hospitalization of a child has on his/her siblings. What factors contribute to these concerns. fear of contracting illness, substitute child care ,minimal explanation of the illness, and perceived changes in parents.
One of the most traumatic hospital experiences for a child and parent is_______ Emergency hospitalization
What is one of the most important aspects of a child's life and one of the most effective tools for managing stress. Play
this is pain that is episodic and recurs. recurrent pain syndromes
Give some examples of recurrent pain syndromes migraine headache, episodic sickle cell pain, recurrent abdominal pain ,and recurrent limb pain
What are some physiologic measures or responses to pain in a neonate diaphoresis, increased hear rate, decreased SaO2
List some side effects to opioids. Respiratory depression, pruritus, sweating
How would you manage opioid related constipation in an adolescent Give bran cereal, prune juice, and vegetables
What are co-analgesics or adjuvant analgesics? These drugs may be used alone or with opioid to control pains symptoms and opioid side effects,
List different classifications of drugs that are adjuvant analgesics. antidepressants, antiepileptics ,stool softener/ laxatives

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