Science grade 7 Particle Theory

Question Answer
What is all matter made up of? particles
What do particles have in between them? spaces
How are particles moving? Randomly all the time
How do particles move when they are heated? Faster and spread apart
How do particles react with each other? They ten to attract each other and stay together
What are the 3 states of Matter Solid, Liquid and Gases
Solid It has a definite shape and definite volume
Liquid No definite shape (it takes the shape of the container) and has definite volume
Gas It does not have a definite shape or definite volume
Particles in a solid The particles are closely packed together and stay in the same position but they vibrate all the time
Particles in a liquid The particles are close together and stay in the same position but they can move around each other in all directions.
Particles in a Gas The particles are very far apart . They have lots of energy and move fast in all directions . They can even leave their container if it is not sealed.
What is a mixture Matter that contains 2 or more pure substances mixed together
What are two example of mixtures? granola barpaint
What is a pure substance? Matter that contains only 1 kind of particle
What are 2 examples of pure substances? Saltsugar
Which one of these is NOT a pure substance Distilled watermilksoda pop
What is a homogeneous mixture? a mixture that looks like a pure substance
What are some examples of a homogeneous mixture? paintaircoffeejuice
What is a heterogeneous mixture? A mixture where you can see the different particles
What are some examples of a heterogeneous mixture? soilgranola barsalad


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