Metro Exam 7

Question Answer
APR stands for what? Air Purifying Respirator (Gas Mask)
CBRN stands for what? Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear
What are the 3 tactical priorities? Time, Distance, Shielding
All IED’s require PIES (Power, Initiator, Explosive, Switch) True
What are the 3 elements of a weapon of mass destruction? Chemical, Biological, Radiological
Who investigates weapons of mass destruction incidences? The FBI
How many critical infrastructures are there? 16
Which of these is NOT associated with the acronym RAIN? Recognize, ASSIST, Isolate, Notify (should be Avoid)
A blue placard warns of what specific type of hazard? Health Hazard
Time, Duration and Shielding are 3 ways to reduce your exposure to radiation False (should be Distance)
How many color coded sections are there in the emergency response guidebook? 5
Which of the following is NOT one of the common chemical agents? Blister, Blood, Nerve, Coughing, Riot Control Coughing
The 2 types of biological warfare include Live Agents and Toxins True
Which is not a basic component of an IED? Switch, Initiator, Transmitter, Container Transmitter
What are the factors to distinguish between a riot, disturbance and incident? Number of inmates involved, Control of facility, Frequency
Currently ____ percent of federal inmates and ____ percent of state inmates are serving drug related sentences. 60, 20
What 3 factors contributed to the impact on our views about laws, rights and criminal justice system? The Vietnam War, The Civil Rights Movement, The Drug Epidemic
Riots can be caused for physical, social or environmental reasons. True
What are the 3 specific skills to managing behavior? Handling requests, Making request, Reinforcing behavior
___________ means addressing positive and negative behaviors both verbally and non-verbally. Reinforcing
____________ means selecting the best way to make your request. Taking action
Attending skills reduce _____ percent of the tension in a jail. 90
What are the 2 parts to handling requests? Check things out, Give response and reason
What are the 2 parts to making requests? Check things out, Take appropriate action
What are the 2 parts to reinforcing behavior? Reinforcing positively and negatively, Using verbal and non-verbal techniques
How long does it take for the effects of hypervigilance to be alleviated? 18-24 hours
The hypervigilance cycle is ___________, not psychological. Biological
If a mental health professional looked at the lower phase of the hypervigilance cycle, the professional would probably describe the state as ____________. Depression
Who is the first victim of the rollercoaster dynamic? The Officer
What are the 2 components of psychological dysfunction? High Demands, Low Control
Officers control 100 percent of their integrity and professionalism. True
_________ are defined as people who have control taken away from them. Victims
What are the 2 cornerstones of effective and ethical law enforcement? Loyalty, Integrity
The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) made it more difficult for correctional officials to restrict inmate religious practices. True
What is the most common justification for restricting inmates First Amendment rights? Institutional Security and Safety
The Supreme Court’s interpretation of the First Amendment made it too easy for prison officials to impose restrictions on inmates’ religious practices. True
What is necessary to justify visitor strip searches? Reasonable Suspicion
What is the most important thing for correctional officers to remember when performing inmate searches? Follow Policy and Be Professional
Miranda waivers must be ____________. Voluntary
What must a person be advised of prior to custodial interrogations? 1-Right to remain silent 2-Any statement may be used in evidence against him 3-Right to have an attorney present 4-Right to appointed counsel
Miranda ONLY applies to “custodial interrogations”. True
Asking a person to identify themselves is generally not an incriminating question under the 5th Amendment. True
If the suspect talks without a question being asked, Miranda does/does not apply. Does Not
Miranda warnings are NOT required when obtaining a statement from defendant in defendant’s own prison cell. False
If the suspect is not in custody, Miranda does not apply. True
Which Amendment gives the right to a speedy and public trial? 6th
Which Amendment gives the right of trial by jury? 7th
Which Amendment states that no cruel and unusual punishment will be inflicted? 8th
If a prisoner is dangerous to himself or others he may be forced to take psychiatric drugs. True
Regardless of the size or type of incident, the top 3 priorities are what? 1-Life Safety 2-Scene Stabilization 3-Property Preservation
The _____________ will implement the Incident Command System when appropriate. Bureau Lieutenant
Emergency drills are practiced how often? Monthly
A partial evacuation of inmates from location to location within the facility is what level? Tier 1
A partial evacuation of inmates from inside the facility to an outside location is what level? Tier 2
A full evacuation of inmates from the facility to an outside location is what level? Tier 3
In a Tier 2 evacuation of either tower at CCDC, where will inmates go? NVC
In a Tier 2 or 3 evacuation _________________ will notify the courts for a 72 hour moratorium on in-custody court proceedings. DSD Records Bureau Director
If major structural damage occurs the floor sergeant will confirm the affected area is __________ and ____________. Isolated, Contained
If major structural damage occurs who determines if lockdown of facility is necessary? On Duty Bureau Lieutenant
If phones are completely out who does Bureau Lieutenant contact? Century Link
What must Bureau Lieutenant do first if there is a hazardous material spill? Call 911 and ask for fire department
What color is the gas main painted? Bright Yellow
In the event of a power outage how long until power from generators is on? 15 seconds
The audible alarm should only be turned off by who? Maintenance Personnel
An officer hearing an alarm should notify who? Central Booking Sergeant
When a fight occurs the housing unit officer will do what? Call “Code Red 416” and location via radio
Who can clear the Code Red? Floor Sergeant
Examples of a 416B include what? Work Stoppage, Silent Protests, and Mass Hunger Strikes
In a riot situation control room will call a Code Orange 416R and location and the entire facility will automatically be placed on lockdown status. True
If SERT is activated the SERT team leader will take command of the on-scene activities. True
Who is responsible for investigations resulting from located explosives or any other acts related to terrorism? ARMOR
Who is the primary agency for all terrorist incidents? The FBI
All bomb threats will be reported and investigated. True
If you have a suspicious package or letter or receive a bomb threat who should be notified immediately? Bureau Lieutenant
If you find an explosive device you should move it to a safe area. False
A minimum preliminary evacuation perimeter should be set at what distance? 300 Feet
How often are all personnel trained on the implementation of the emergency plan? Annually
Each platoon will conduct Emergency Drills how often? Monthly
Each platoon will conduct Fire Drills how often? Quarterly
How many operational conditions (OPCONS) are there? 4
Normally who is responsible for determining when an OPCON level can be implemented? Deputy Chief or Above
If the Deputy Chief or above is not available the Bureau Commander can implement the OPCON, in an emergency the Watch Commander can implement the OPCON. True
Who can cancel or modify an OPCON once it has been implemented? Sheriff or His Designee
SERT is composed of how many units? 4 (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta)
Each platoon will have a maximum of ____ officers and ____ sergeants. 15, 2
Who can activate SERT? On-Duty Watch Commander or Incident Commander
SERT officers are required to have how many hours of SERT training annually? 72
How many SERT officers are required for a Level 1 High Risk Transport? Minimum 5 SERT officers and 1 SERT sergeant
How many SERT officers are required for a Level 2 High Risk Transport? Minimum 3 SERT officers
CIT consists of _____ hours of formal training. 40
Mandatory CIT recertification occurs every ____ years and is an 8 hour class. 3
Officers who are CIT trained will be listed on each daily platoon schedule. True
How many levels of CIT are there? 4
Who should an employee notify when charged with or accused of a criminal violation (except minor traffic violations)? Immediate Supervisor
IA investigators will NOT provide criminal investigators any information gained through compelled employee interviews. True
What will be used whenever chemicals, toxic substances, or hazardous materials are handled? Protective Gloves and Protective Eye Wear
In a hostage situation the Primary Negotiator concentrates his entire attention on communicating with the suspect. True
In a hostage situation who keeps logs of significant points? Secondary Negotiator
Under NO circumstances will the hostage taker be allowed to exit the confines of the facility. True
Persons exhibiting Excited Delirium should be considered in medical crisis. True
When arrested, the arresting/transporting officer will inform ___________ of the suspected Excited Delirium. The Booking Sergeant
Who should a Corrections Officer notify if suspecting someone of Excited Delirium? Supervisor, Back-Up, Medical, Mental Health Staff
Interpreters are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, through ________________. The Communications Bureau
What does R.C.A.T. stand for? Redirect Line of Fire, Control Weapon, Attack, Take Away
What does I.C.A.T. stand for? Intercept, Control, Attack, Transition
What are the 4 rights Miranda provides? Silent, statements are evidence, attorney, appointed counsel
Custody means more than arrest and interrogation means more than asking questions? True
What kind of questions are asked so that officers know how to react to a situation? Threshold questions
6th amendment Speedy trial, impartial jury, informed of accusations, confront witness, obtain witnesses, assistance of council
What crimes does the 6th apply? Federal
In federal courts what crimes have no jury? Misdemeanor
Federal jury’s are always how many people? 12
7th amendment Fed jury for damages but not state, Military can’t sue govt
8th amendment excessive bail & fines, no cruel and unusual punishment
What are the most common inmate lawsuits today? Religion
Which substances will not be placed in drop chutes? Liquids, breakable or capable of noxious odors
What are the top 3 priorities in a disaster? Life safety, scene stabilization, property presentation
Tier 1 partial evacuation within the facility
Tier 2 partial evacuation outside facility
Tier 3 full evacuation outside facility
What does the red emergency button do in NT control panel? Opens all cell doors
What will module ofc do when evacuating? Unlock all doors, instruct inmates, restraints if apply, check that all staff/inmates are gone, bring locator card book and help escort, conduct a face to card count, notify ICP when completed
How many total vehicles are there and the max combined capacity? 56 vehicles 473 capacity
Using the preferred vehicles (not uncaged sedans & executive staff vehicles) what is max passengers? 429
Ofc has authority to relocate where? Adjacent areas
Sgt has authority to relocate where? Same floor
Bureau LT or watch commander have authority to relocate where? Floor to floor & tower to tower
Who has authority to evacuate? Incident commander with notification to captain and Deputy Chief
Who will be considered for help with medical? NaphCare, Fire Department, umc emergency triage team
What steps does the first person on scene do in major structural damage? Assess, notify control, determine if inmates need lockdown or relocate, request supervisor if needed, request medical if needed, maintain count
What will ofc do in case of small electric or minor water leak? Notify Sgt, create work order
What will ofc do in case of major water leak? Notify Sgt and control room, lockdown inmates or area
Who is responsible for reporting sewage backup? First employee notify Sgt of area, remove all food related items, move or keep uninvolved employees/ inmates away
What checklist will you use when receiving a bomb threat on phone? Bomb threat call checklist, located in drawer by all phones
What do you do if you have a suspicious package/letter? Contact responsible bureau Lt via land line or in person (no radio, cell, cordless)
How to contact LT in unit without phone? Use the call button on door to tell control
In event of bomb threat module ofc will? Lock down inmates, search unit
In event of bomb threat activity ofc will? Remain in present location with inmates
In event of bomb threat movement ofc will? Escort inmates to first secure location, advise control of location, assist module ofc
T/F Evacuation of area of 300ft with cover, 1200ft in open and two floors each direction True
All personnel will be trained how often on emergency plan? Annually
Each platoon will conduct ______ emergency drills? Monthly
Each platoon will conduct _____ fire drills? Quarterly
Who is responsible for SERT? DSD Captain
Who activated SERT? Watch commander or incident commander
LT can activate SERT in which instances? Barricaded inmates, cell extractions, disturbances, high risk transport, shakedowns, strike teams
Medical team MUST be present during SERT activation except when? Strike team

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