Giver Vocab: ch 7-9

Term Definition
chaos (noun): state of complete confusion and disorder
compel (verb): to drive, urge or motivate with force; to oblige
infringe (verb): trespass or encroach upon the rights of other
ironic (adjective): characterized by irony; happening in the opposite way to what is expected
navigational (adjective): relating to the act or practice of plotting a vehicle's course
pervade (verb): to spread throughout; to be present in every part of something
quizzical (adjective): relating to a questioning, uncertain or puzzled way
relinguish (verb): to give up or turn over possession/ control; to surrender
remorse (noun): painful, deep feeling of guilt for wrongdoing
scrupulous (adjective): having or showing a strict regard for what is right
tentatively (adverb): not final. done as a trial or an experiment
treacherous (adjective): likely to betray a trust; traitorous
humiliate (verb): to make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly
benign (adjective): having or showing a kindly disposition; non-threating
meticulous (adjective): showing extreme or excessive concern about every last detail

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