DG Quiz 2-4

Question Answer
Is the Tropic of Capricorn north or south of the equator south
What lines measure the distance north and south of the equator latitude
What line of longitude forms the other half of Prime Meridian 180
This imaginary line follows the 180 degree longitude line International Date Line
These lines measure the distance east and west of the Prime Meridian longitude
The northernmost point in the world North Pole
What line circles the earth like a belt Equator
Is the Arctic Circle north or south of the equator North
A point of land extending into a body of water cape
What does a star inside of a circle represent on a map National capital
What is the capital of the Central American country that has a major canal running through it? Panama City
The earth has 4 of these. They are the northern, southern, eastern and western Hemispheres
Dallas is in the northern hemisphere and what other hemisphere? Western
Are there intermediate hemispheres No
How many degrees south of the equator is the South Pole ninety
How many continents are on earth seven
How many ocean are on earth five
What does a star inside of a circle represent on a map National Capital
The countries of French Guiana and Guyana are countries on which continent? South America

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