Bio 205 Unit 2 Q & A

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List 3 steps of Holocrine secretion 1. Cell division replaces lost cells 2. Cells form secretory products and increase in size.3. Cells burst releasing cytoplasmic contents.
The wall of the alveolus (air sac) In the lung is composed of which type of epithelium? simple squamous epithelium
The proximal tubule of the nephron (kidney tubule) in the kidney is composed of which type of epithelium? Simple cuboidal epithelium
The epithelium of the esophagus is composed of which type of epithelial tissue? Stratified squamous epithelium
Which part of the neuron (a specialized nerve cell) receives signals from other cells and is also the main metabolic region of the neuron? soma
Which of the 3 muscle types has multiple nuclei? Skeletal
Which muscle cell type has visible striations but is not under voluntary control? Cardiac
Which of the following are effects of aging on the body's tissues?1. An increased risk of cancer 2. A decline in tissue repair 3. A change in tissue chemistry All are affects of aging on body tissues
Which cell is present in many connective tissues that can differentiate into different types of cell? mesenchymal
_____ provide strength in many directions. Dense irregular connective tissues
To celebrate her 50th birthday Anna got her ear pierced and the elastic cartilage portion the piercing specialist informed her that it will take at least 6 weeks to heal this is because _____. Cartilages avascular so healing takes longer
The serous membrane covering the lungs is the ______. pleura
_______ muscle tissue lacks microscopic strations. Smooth
Which of the following is not a property of neuroglia?A. They repair neural tissue B. They supply nutrients to neurons C. They conduct electrical impulses D. They support neural tissue C
Enzymes are considered catalyst because they _____. Lower the activation energy of a reaction
AB–> A+B is to decomposition as A+B –>AB is to ____. synthesis
Chemical reactions that absorb energy are said to be _____. Endergonic
Which of the following statements concerning enzymes is false?A. Enzymes are consumed during a reaction B. Enzymes are proteins C. Enzymes function as biological catalysts.D. Enzymes lower the activation energy of a reaction A
A solution containing more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions is ______. Acidic
About 40 percent of the energy content of nutrients is captured as ATP. The remainder is lost as _____. heat
Describe glycolysis This process splits glucose in half and produces 2 ATPs for each glucose.
Describe ETC Electron Transport Chain This process uses energy captured from electrons flowing to oxygen to produce most of the ATPs in cellular respiration
The cyanide ion released from hydrogen cyanide gas binds to cytochrome a3 and prevents the transfer of electrons to oxygen if inhaled which tissue would be affected? cardiac muscle
What provides energy required to produce ATP? H^+ ion gradient
Which of these is not required for glycolysis?A. glucose B. inorganic phosphateC. pyruvic acid D. ATP C
Sweating produces heat loss largely by ____. evaporative cooling
During the winter months populations living in cold climates show greater frequency of broken bones than populations living in warm sunny climates what might be a possible solution to this problem? A dietary supplement of cholecalciferol
What is not a function Of epidermal growth ? A. Accelerating production of keratin B. Stimulating epidermal repair C. Stimulating syn activity and secretion by epithelial glands D. Promoting the division of germinative cells in the stratum lucidium D
What gland secretes oil into hair folicles? sebaceous
The skin can move easily over the underlying muscles because of the loose connective tissue within the _____. hypodermis
Which type of tissue is the epidermis composed of? Stratified squamous epithelium
What 2 layers of epidermis would be different in thick skin compared to thin Skin ? Stratum lucidiumStratum corneum
Which layer of epidermis is responsible for water resistance ? Stratum corneum
What is the first step in the process by which epidermal cells are replaced? Basal cells in the stratum germinativum divide, adding in new daughter cells and pushing the cells above upward through the layers.
how does a cell become keratinized? cells migrate strata s continue to divide but when they reach the stratum g They stop dividing and start producing large amounts of keratin and keratohyalin As the keratin fibers accumulate The nuclei and organelles Disintegrate and the cell dies
Inflammation is a normal response to an injury. What is the next step to follow inflammation during tissue repair? migratory phase following scab clear debris cells from the stratum b migrate along edges of wound. Fibroblasts and mesenchymal cells divide producing mobile cells that invade the deeper areas of wound and endothelial cells divide to repair damaged blood
The epidermis receives blood contain oxygen and nutrients from where From arteries in the connective tissue below
The dermal layer primarily responsible for this strength of the skin is the _____ layer. Reticular
Merocrine Sweat glands are most abundant in the _______. Forehead, palms of the hands and soles of the feet
The layer that contains areolar connective tissue is the ______ layer. hypodermal
The skin layer just beneath the stratum basal is the ____ layer. Papillary

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